For many of us, succeeding in the competitive world of finance is hindered by our backgrounds and socioeconomic situations. The Junior Economic Club of Toronto strives to narrow these gaps by pursuing initiatives that offer the essential knowledge, network and opportunities to level the playing field for all youth.

Our Economic Forums provide dynamic, finance-focused discussion and foster meaningful connections among like-minded peers and with established professionals — providing a jumping-off point today and a foundation for the future. Articles from the Junior Economist will pique your interests and introduce you to the essential ideas and diverse perspectives on topical issues in finance. Students devoted to the High Returns initiative work tirelessly to empower the children—our city’s future leaders.


Join a network of peers who will expand your perception of the accomplishments possible at our age, inspire personal growth and motivate you to strive for greater achievements.


From the Chair:

“Our organization’s mission started with giving high school students the opportunity to discuss economic issues, but has grown into something greater. Our purpose is to build the future leaders and innovators in Toronto. To create an unparalleled network of students who work towards elevating each other."

- Akash Kirpalani