What to expect from JEC in 2018/2019


To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you. To begin, I would like to thank everyone and anyone who has been involved with JEC in the past.

To our past alumni, for forging a path that will lead this year’s team confidently from past years of success and growth.

To our sponsors, for allowing JEC to continuously promote financial literacy to the best of our ability to all students in the GTA.

To our guest speakers and mentors, for guiding us and leaving your wisdom and advice on those who have attended our past events.

A final thanks to our attendees and readers. Without an audience, JEC would have little impact in our community. You make JEC worthwhile for all the above-mentioned people.

The past year has been the most successful and rewarding year to date. From the top of the Globe and Mail Centre to the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange, JEC prides itself in being able to say that we’ve had over 300 students attend our events last year alone. We are also proud to say that with the help of dedicated sponsors and mentors, we have fostered the growth of student-led start-ups in the GTA by investing $3000 into their development.

Entering our third year of operations, this year’s team plans on making 2018/2019 the best JEC can offer. We are planning more frequent events relating directly to helping students grow their financial knowledge and setting them up with connections, opportunities, and a network for their future endeavours during and after high school. We are branching out and will be hosting events with other student-run organizations in the GTA, aiming to reach out to other networks of students who are yet to benefit from JEC. With new technologies in the financial industry, JEC is looking forward to discussing such topics at our events throughout the course of the year.

Our website is being revamped, specifically through the introduction of our Alumni Network  as well as an update to our Junior Economist. Our Alumni Network will display contact information of all former JEC executives, including what they are currently doing since parting JEC. Our Junior Economist will transition over to a shorter blog-style format, improving the efficiency of the blogs and also posting the content on a timelier basis. We will also be introducing Junior Economist blogs and promotions related to our events, including recaps on the success of our events after they have happened.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this message, I’d truly like to thank everyone involved with JEC to date. I feel that this new year will bring bountiful experience and knowledge to all the students affected by JEC’s mission, including myself. Here at JEC we always strive to understand our audience and offer them experiences regardless of their social or financial background. After all, “Investing in Toronto’s future- Equal opportunity through financial literacy”, is what we do.


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Robert Di Marco

September 3, 2018