Gen Z: What's the Outlook?

Gen Z are the future. Born in 1995 and beyond, they’re youthful idealists who hope to improve the world while building their own secure financial futures. Although they don’t remember the 9/11 catastrophe, the 2008 financial crisis is still fresh in their memories. They are the first generation to grow up with modern technology, the Internet, and because of their comfort with technology, they’ve been dubbed “iGen”.

The oldest members of GenZ are in their 20s, and starting to join the workforce. Before, millennials were decided to be lazy and entitled. However, GenZ are ambitious and industrious. Although the future for Gen Z seems very optimistic, they are eager to be successful in a world that’s not necessarily designed for steady employment. Employers will need to understand the needs of the new generation. Companies may lose hard work, commitment, and most importantly, Gen Z’s innate grasp on technology if they don’t adjust the way they recruit, train and retain employees. Gen Z believe that they can have it all; good pay, stable employment, meaningful work, and some liberty for their own work. Each new generation to the market brings its own set of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. As a result of growing up in an environment shaped by economic instability and social change, Gen Z are resolute, smart, pragmatic, and hard-working, among many other characteristics.

Thus, many Gen Z are aspiring to become their own managers; becoming entrepreneurs. By becoming a entrepreneurs, they are able to use their skills and knowledge, and take advantage of e-commerce platforms like, which lowers the barriers of entry for business owners. The internet has revolutionized many products, and has allowed many young entrepreneurs to successfully operate their business. Many have identified good market niches or founded startups even before they’ve started post-secondary school.

Gen Z are also more careful about money than millenials. A research study has shown that 12 percent of Gen Z were also saving for retirement. When it comes to their own finances, that means they’ll anything to avoid debt. The fiscal conservatism of Gen Z can be positive or negative. They are saving money, but this conservation of money causes political implications as well.

So, the future of Gen Z can go down two paths. They can either be part of the hard working class, serving as employees to bigger corporations, or they can become entrepreneurs. But, there must be a balanced amount of Gen Z who choose to go down either career pathway. Although Gen Z may seem less competent than other generations, like Gen X and Y, these young individuals have many qualities to offer. They are the future of the world and the world’s economy rests in their hands. As Denise Villa has once said, “Generation Z has arrived - and they’re very different from millennials.” With an excellent education within their grasp, along with their innate abilities to innovate with technology, Generation Z offers many traits that past generations have not had. They are the future of our society and they will lead us into a world with a stability within the world’s economy.