Financial literacy - a skill as essential as in the modern world as the ability to read or tell time. Unfortunately, it is a topic greatly neglected by the school curriculum. JEC’s High Returns initiative aims to provide financial literacy basics to middle school students. This is a pivotal time in their development, when children begin to gain greater independence, therefore, it is a crucial time to foster fundamental, good money-management practices. Students will carry these tools with them throughout their high school, post-secondary, and professional career.

The High Returns curriculum will be taught through 4 x 25 minute presentations. The lessons are based on the topics: principles of financial literacy, money + currency, budgeting, and 10 useful skills. The mission of High Returns is to give kids the tools to become financially prosperous for the duration of their lives. High Returns is truly a passion project; it is being led by a group of teenagers who have personal experience with financial literacy through DECA and economics classes, but most importantly, a deep conviction of the impact their work could have on the future success of these students.

To date, High Returns has seen a successful launch at three school in the Toronto area and we are looking to continue this growth. We encourage you to take a look at the curriculum we have created and hope it will inspire you to bring a similar change to your community!