Review will continue on a rolling basis, conducted quarterly

Here at JEC, we work tirelessly to create opportunities and build networks for ambitious youth like you with a passion for business and finance. In order to ensure the success of JEC’s events and initiatives, we require a team of committed and passionate members. As JEC grows, we need passionate youth like you to join our team as we continue to empower our city’s future business and finance leaders.


Specialized ambassadors are required to dedicate their time and effort to JEC, performing their roles and responsibilities to the best of their ability at all times. Ambassadors are just as important the team as any executive, if not more. You are the grassroots link between the organization and the world!

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You may be required to submit a resume and/or portfolio to, depending on the positions selected. Following your digital application, you will be asked to partake in a timed short-answer interview.